Web Template
  • Since the template needs to be dynamic, must build the UI with modules.
The UX
  • Define concept and challenges.
  • Define target audience.
  • Design product UI and visual.
  • Build a dynamic, all purpose template to be purchased at a template shop.
  • Building an all purpose dynamic template requires the template to be generic. Must make the template with an unique design while keeping it dynamic.
Target audience
  • This templates are made for folks looking to make a simple personal websites for their own personal blogs or for small to mid size companies looking to add a template as an extension to their webpage for blogs, e-commerce items or articles.
UI wireframe
  • Need to build each section as modules.
  • Modules need to be divided into 2 types. Static and Dynamic.
  • Static: non-interchangeable.
  • Dynamic: interchangeable.
Simple Branding (Logo)
  • Creative and Simple, universal logo.
UI Wireframe - Navigations
  • Main navigations: Search, Account, Category Dropdown and Page Navigation.
UI wireframe - Banner [Static]
Dynamic modules
  • Can be stacked or mixed and matched in any order.
UI wireframe - 6 items Section [Dynamic]
UI wireframe - UI wireframe - 2 items Section [Dynamic]
UI wireframe - Single item Section with slider [Dynamic]
UI wireframe - Highlighted item section [Dynamic]
UI wireframe - Full Template
Full Template (Visual)
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