Main Page
  • MongoDB marketing page redesign.
The UX
  • Define concept and challenges.
  • Define target audience.
  • Design product UI and visual.
  • Redesign of the main page of MongoDB marketing site to be used as basis for the rest of the site.
Target Audience
  • Consumers are taget users who happens to be the project leaders who would put in request for the software; these guys are technical.
  • Second target users are project managers; these are non-technical folks who would license the softwares based on business needs.
  • To satisfy both target audiences, the info displayed on the UI must be organzied and thorough, and must contain as much info on screen as possible without being disporganized so the users can make descisions quickly.
UI - Wireframe
  • Display as much useful info on screen as possible.
  • Avoid clutteredness when displaying these information.
  • Reduce unnecessary images for description. Use images only when necessary.
  • Glorify the product and clients sections.
UI - Visual
  • Must use complementary brand colors with green being primary.
  • Primary: Branded illuminating Green.
  • Secondary: Complementary branded dark blue.
Note: All examples displayed do NOT contain any sensitive data. If during any process any sensitive data was used, it has been omitted from displaying.