RDR (iQ Credit)
  • This'll be an extension to the current existing "RDR" platform called "iQ Credit".
The UX
  • Define concept and challenges.
  • Develop sitemap.
  • Design product UI and visual.
  • "iQ Credit", the extension to "RDR" will allow analysts to display credit coverages of tickers by other analysts for their own use as well as being used as references.
  • After displaying the coverages they'll have full access to particular dataset from the existing "RDR" system associated to the particular ticker where they'll be able to update certain data as well as add issues onto the system. Upon updating, these data will be updated onto the backend.
  • Dealing with a system that has hundreds of thousand to possibly millions of data can be challenging. On top of that, there's new data being created on top of the existing data. Working with such system requires a deep understanding of the system itself before starting to implement a solution.
  • Using the data from within the system, I've narrowed the interaction down to 3 stages; 1) selecting analyst, 2) view analyst covergaes, 3) View coverage info.
UI Wireframe (High Fidelity) - Main Menu
UI Wireframe (High Fidelity) - Analyst Select
UI Wireframe (High Fidelity) - Analyst Coverages
UI Wireframe (High Fidelity) - Coverage Data
UI Template and Dev Handoff
  • I've created the front end layout to hand off to developers, which allowed them to just render data without having to worry about styling which allowed for faster development process.
Note: All examples displayed do NOT contain any sensitive data. If during any process any sensitive data was used, it has been omitted from displaying.