Analyst Certification
  • Make an app to allow the users to be able to be certified quickly via answering a set of preset questionnaires.
The UX
  • Define concept and challenges.
  • Design product UI and visual.
  • Make a certifier app that allows the users to quickly be certified via selecting answers to a set of preset questions.
  • We have a set of preset questionnaiers where different set of questions are queued up based on the answers selected.
  • However the entire experience needs to be quick and easy. Usually similar experiences like this have the questions queued to a different screen in a slider method. however, this delays the entire process due to shifting of the screen so must find a way to make the process quick and easy.
The UI
  • I have tackled the challenge of making the experience quick and easy by making the experience single page.
  • This would benefit the experience as there'll be no shifting of the screen.
UI Wireframe (High Fidelity)
UI Prototype
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