Analyzing Approaching Process
It seems the target has an unique process to approach projects


Step 1: Ui/Ux Design
  • Analyze Digital products and conceptualize its usability, function, user interaction and implementation on all devices and platforms.
  • Create guideline depicting product's functions, user interactivity as well as identifying the brand of the product with proper color palettes, unique fonts, etc.
  • Create wireframes detailing product's visual apprearence, flow of screens through user interactivity, scalability as well as reponsiveness of the product in order to make it compatible with all platforms including mobile and desktop devices for IOS, Android and Windows.
  • Create a booklet outlining all the information with table of contents in a clear and organizational manner to have it ready to be used by the development team to start development.
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Step 2: Visual Design Implementation
  • Create visually appealing designs that complement the UI of the digital product.
  • Create designs that not only complement the responsiveness of the UI but also visually attract users and enrich the experience when using the product.
  • Implement designs that keeps the users enganged as well as attract new users to use the digital product.
  • Implement designs that help the product distinguish itself and stand out from the competition.
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Step 3: Development and Launch
  • Develop products using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP, etc.
  • Make sure the product is optimized for quick browser load and responsive so that it's compatible across all devices including mobile and tablets.
  • Make sure the product is programmed efficiently so that it's well structured, organized and easy to update.
  • Make sure the product is well tested and bug free before launch.
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